Outland Bike

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, we are only accepting payment in-person through our retail store. We may add payments to our website in the future if enough interest is expressed. Please contact us if you think this feature should be added.

Any bike taken on our rides must have pedals, unless a participant has a disability (in which case see our guidelines here). Most E-bikes are totally fine, again as long as they also have pedals. 

Our bike shop only sells new bikes so we don’t have any to lend. However, there is a very good chance that someone in our community will be happy to lend you one of theirs. Please reach out to us at least a few days before the ride and we’ll try our best to find you a suitable bike. Or you can always ask around yourself, our community is friendly, we promise!

Please see membership info here.

Generally, using an E-bike to keep up with more advanced riders is fine as long as you make sure your bike will last the full ride. Please check ahead with the group leader to make sure it’s ok first.

Please check our calendar here and find the ride you are attending. The ride leader’s name and contact information should be listed under the event details. If it is missing, please reach out to us and we can look up the information for you. 

If you have a disability which inhibits normal bike riding, you MUST contact the group leader beforehand to determine if the ride is suitable for you and what accommodations if any can be made for your participation. Please see our General Disability and Accommodations Guidelines for more information.

Group leaders will usually carry some sort of first aid during the ride. However, this is not always the case. Riders should be extremely cautious during rides.

Any rider under 18 years of age must have a parent or guardian signed waiver (see forms) prior to joining any rides. Any rider under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a legal adult during every ride they attend, regardless of skill level. Riders of all ages must be physically able and skilled enough to complete any attended ride unaided. 

Stops during a ride are discouraged, especially during intermediate and advanced rides. If a stop is necessary due to dehydration, fatigue, or other problems, a rider should notify the group leader during the ride and they will address the issue. Unplanned stops for food (unless critical) or entertainment are not allowed.

If you are an active and skilled member of our bike club and would like to help out, please contact us and we will let you know how your skills can best be used. We encourage anyone who wishes to reach out and help is always appreciated.

Yes! A helmet is absolutely required at all times during any bike ride. Please read our full set of safety guidelines.