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The Outland Bike Club was founded this year to build a community of bikers and cyclist in the Nolensville, Tennessee area. Our club is run and maintained by OutlandUSA, a  local bike shop and outdoor retailer. As a recently establish organization, we are actively seeking new members to join us on weekly rides and bike events. Regularly scheduled road and mountain bike rides will be established and posted soon, but for now we would love your help getting the community going. If you’re passionate about riding and would like to get a preliminary group together, please reach out to us and we can post your event on our calendar. 

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Bike Club Programs

The Outland Bike Club lives biking rides of all types. Depending on time and availability of group leaders, there will be three types of regular rides: 

Trail/ Moutain

Takes regular trips to local bike trails and parks. Typically these rides will meet at the trailhead or ride location. Rides vary widely from local bike tracks to trips to state parks, all depending on where the bike leaders want to go. Be sure to check each week for info on meeting places and the type of rides offered. 


Rides will follow local Nolensville roads and will always avoid high traffic areas. Routes will be planned each week by the group leaders and millage will vary week to week. Typically beginner and intermediate rides will follow pre-defined routes posted on the calendar or the website. Advanced rides may take custom routes at the group leader’s discretion.


A casual experience designed to encourage community and social interactions. These will be the easiest kind of ride perfect for most ages. It can be anything from cruises around neighborhoods, to light road rides, to getting ice-cream. Check each week to see what sort of fun and relaxing rides are available! 

Difficulties Offered

Trail and Road rides will typically be split into three difficulties, depending on the availability of group leaders: Begginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each ride’s difficulty will be clearly marked on the calendar along with the total distances and terrain types of the rides. For advanced rides, group leaders may require confirmation of participant’s abilities, or may set other requirements, such as prior experience in the club.  All rides are no-drop so it’s important to join a group which matches your skill level in order to avoid slowing down the other group members. If you’re unsure of your skill, it’s always better to start with a beginner or intermediate group and move up next week.